Victoria Secular Humanist Association – 2023 Board Of Directors


  • President – John Pope (communication)
  • Vice-President – Vacant
  • Secretary – Fred Stepchuk
  • Treasurer – Keith Scrimger

Members at Large

  • Al Wisely
  • Glynne Evan
  • Thor Henrich
  • Betty Lunam -Newsletter
  • Patricia Morris
  • Barrie Webster

Past President – Barrie Webster


    History of VSHA

    The Victoria Humanist Fellowship was formed in 1953 making it the first Humanist group to be formed in Canada.  Lead by Dr. Mariam Sherman, the group met regularly at a residence on Fort St.  The group was seen as a home and a voice for the non-religious attended by several University of Victoria Professors and other community leaders.  

    In 1997, the name was changed to The Victoria Secular Humanist Association under the presidency of Andy Mulcahy.  Speaker events became more frequent and discussion groups were added as the membership grew.

    Today the VSHA is continuing to provide a home for the non-religious, but has now recognized the existential threat to humanity, and has become more focused on the environmental crisis.

    The VSHA is affiliated with Humanist Canada, and The B.C. Humanist Association.