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The Humanist Cafe
Episode #324

Discussion Forum
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Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – 7:00-8:30 pm
Cook Street Activity Center
380 Cook St. (Cook St. Village), Victoria
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Discussion Topic: THE POWER OF FILM
Presenter:  Michael Rea **

Moderator: John Pope


The power of film to influence. Like advertising, can subvert your rational mind & convince you of anything. My presentation will attempt to show you that film,  with examples, is the most powerful & persuasive way to emotionally affect & capture people’s imagination & direct them into accepting anything, including propaganda. It has been proven that we make decisions based on our feelings rather than our intellect. For example, falling in love, even with a bot as in the movie “Her”.

Kant & Kleist believed that “we are unable to “Penetrate beyond our sensory perceptions…” Meaning we are driven more by our feelings than by our intellect. 

The Following film illustrate this.

Apocalypse Now – War

A Space odyssey – AI

Gastown – pollution

A Face in the Crowd – Politics

The Big Short – Stock Market

Oppenheimer – Nuclear energy, The Atomic bomb

** About Michael Rae:

“Leaving aside my career in international bridge projects and all those Dam things. I had a life in the theatre and art, since the age of fifteen, as an observer and participant. Directing over 40 plays and a few operas. My ambition was to run off to Hollywood and direct movies. However, being a practical guy, I choose civil engineering, even though my worst subject was math. Life is replete with contradictions and what I like best in films is ambiguity, particularly, moral, common in European films, but often lacking in US films.”  -MR

See you there!  Bring a movie fan!

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