VSHA Care Committee (CC) Principles and Tasks, January 16, 2017 Update

The present of the VSHA Care Committee are Ray Travers ( Chair, Coordinator) Nancy Belmont, Betty Lunam and Phyllis Webster. The Committee meets quarterly. 


1. The  Care Committee (CC) operates with an “open structure” where members respond to needs, in accordance with each situation. 
2. Each senior care situation will be unique.
3. The Committee serves Paid Members of the VSHA   
4. The Committee will not duplicate the professional senior care services provided by public and private organizations.
 5.  The Committee will encourage VSHA members to take the initiative in planning for our senior care needs. The CC will provide senior care information to VSHA members, and encourage everyone independently  to plan for their  own senior care.
6. The  Committee Co-ordinator, and others members  participate as contacts.
 7. When the Coordinator becomes aware of a care need, and plan of action will be implemented working in co-operation with other VSHA members, suitable to the needs of the member.  
 8. When there is an emergency, the VSHA member will call 911.
 9.The CC  initially will focus on providing members with transportation to VSHA activities ( e.g. when some one no longer has a driver’s license) and/or to arrange a visit between members. 
1. Meet (about) every three months, or 4 times a year. All CC Members. 
 2. Prepare a 2016 CC report for the AGM of the  VSHA Board of Directors. 
 3. Obtain 10 hard copies of the BC Seniors Guide with detailed information and resources to help us all plan for a heathy lifestyle as we age. 
 4. From time to time,Iinvite health care professional to speak on “Advanced Care Planning”  to members.