We offer a community for the nonreligious,
and a forum for discussing and advancing
a secular worldview based on our common humanity.

About the Victoria Secular Humanist Association (VSHA)

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VSHA Principles

We engage in a variety of regular activities which are free and open to the public.
We welcome guests, so if you're curious come to one of our events!

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Being good: Humanists are concerned about the ‘good life’ – a life of integrity, using the concepts ethics and compassion. They seek personal happiness and fulfillment as well as the welfare of humankind, and the protection of the natural environment including biodiversity and ecosystems.

Without God: Humanists typically describe themselves as skeptics, agnostics, or non-theists . To find answers to problems, they look to reason and science rather than religious creeds or sacred texts.

“Humanists are guided by reason and scientific inquiry, inspired by music and art, and motivated by ethics, compassion, and fairness.” ~ Greg M. Epstein in Good without God (2005)

The VSHA is proud to announce a new activity

The Eco-Humanist (EH!) Environmental Action Committee (EAC
Are you interested in DOING something for the environment? Why not
join and become a member of the EH! EAC.

More information: EH! Committee


by Sep 17, 2016

Rally And March 

On Friday September 15, 2023 at 4.00 pm VSHA members are invited to gather under our banner on the Legislature lawn. We will take part in the rally and march to support the Global Mobilization to Fight Fossil Fuels.  The march begins at 4:30 and the event ends at 6.00 pm.

GLOBAL MOBILIZATION TO FIGHT FOSSIL FUELS – Victoria Rally | Legislative Buildings-Victoria B.C. | September 15, 2023 (happeningnext.com)

VSHA Donates to STAND.earth

The VSHA Board recently donated $200 to the environmental activist organization, STAND.earth

For more information: Stand.earth – For the people and places you love

VSHA Endorses FFNP Treaty

In July the VSHA Board decided to publicly endorse the Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty.

With this endorsement, VSHA joins thousands of progressive civil society organizations and governments around the world and in Canada, including the City of Victoria and other BC municipalities.

Here’s the FFNP Treaty website: fossilfueltreaty.org

Humanist Talks & Humanist Cafe 

 The Humanist Talks are presentations by various speaker on a wide array of important topics and  

Humanist Cafés are a moderated discussion on topics of interest.

These are generally held every first and third Wednesday of the month 7:05 pm to 8:30 pm.

LOCATION: The Cook Street Activity Center 380 Cook St. (Cook St. Village), Victoria 

We welcome guests, so if you’re curious come to one of our events, come and join us.

Our next event

Solar Geoengineering: 

A radical, frightening, and hopeful climate response

See Humanist Talks  below for details and copy of Presentation 

Solar Geoengineering: 

Solar geoengineering is a potential climate response that would cool the Earth’s surface and alter many other climate changes by scattering about 1% of incoming sunlight back to space.  Solar geoengineering can only imperfectly correct for elevated greenhouse gases,...

read more

How to Win on Climate Change

VSHA Speaker Series Free** And Open To All!  H0W TO WIN ON CLIMATE CHANGE(and how we are already winning) Mitchell BeerAbstract:  It’s easy enough to fall into a pit of despair over the climate emergency. Especially because, if you read the news or...


The Victoria Secular Humanist Association is pleased to present events for the education of our members and guests. We have  two featured events:

  • Our Humanist Talks are held from September through to May. Guest speakers provide their insights into a number of different topics of interest to secular humanists followed by a question and answers session.
  • Our Humanist Cafés are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Specific topics of current interest are introduced by a guest speaker followed by a moderated discussion.

In addition we have the following locations for members to gather to socialize and discuss topics of interest, as well as field trips and special occasions:

  • Sunday morning breakfast   8:00 at Frankie’s Modern Diner at the corner of Government and Courtney streets
  • Summer and Winter Solstice parties plus a late summer party
  • Organized field trips and tours with experts on a number of subject areas in Greater Victoria and nearby areas

All these events are listed on the VSHA website, and specific email notices are sent to all persons on our contacts list. Also look for notices via the Victoria Meetups app and Facebook.



Contact Us at Communications VSHA for any general inquiries about the VSHA or if you would like to receive email notifications of upcoming events. Please provide your name and email adress to receive these notifications.

If you want to become a member, please go to our membership page for information.

Media inquiries, please contact our President at President VSHA

For website inquiries or problems contact the Webmaster at Webmaster VSHA



Become a VSHA Contact (free): If we have your contact information (email address and phone number), we will put you on our Contacts list and you will be advised of our activities and events including notifications of events such as our Sunday Talks, Humanist Cafe,  special VSHA events and announcements of special interest to Humanists ( ie concerts, community lectures etc.)

VSHA membership functions are open, but after three visits, we would appreciate your taking out a paid membership. Your membership $ allow the VSHA to continue its role as a reason based Educational association.

Membership is annual and payable by cheque or money order for the appropriate amount.

Victoria Secular Humanist Association (VSHA)
PO Box 23105 Cook St PO, Victoria, BC  V8V 4Z8

Or you can pay your membership to a member of the Executive at any of our VSHA Events.


Single   $30    Family  $45

Student/Low Income $15



Donations to the VSHA allow the organization to expand its reach and fund specail projects that are of importance to VSHA members and Secular Humanism in general. Donations are greatfully accepted and eligible for charity tax receipts for amounts greater than $10.