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2017 Fall  Schedule for VSHA Sunday Speakers

All talks 10:00 AM, Cedar Hill Rec Centre, Finlayson & Cedar Hill Road

September 10   The Critical Thinking Project     Gail Miller, Director 

Discover what is being done to bring critical thinking skills to the world

September 24     Women and the Subsistence Food Supply against Poverty in Southern Africa          Dr. Elizabeth Vibert, UVic

The maintenance of a sustainable food supply in sussitence rural southern Africa and the important role played by women in the face of poverty

October 8     Advance Care Planning – discussion     Ray Travers, VSHA Care Committee

Creating a record of your wishes for the eventuality of your being unable to speak for yourself in the event of illness is becoming increasingly important.  How to do it and what could happen if you don’t have one will be discussed. 

October 22     Light-Based Random Access Memory (RAM) in Computing        Dr. Natia Frank, Chemistry, UVic

Recent advances in photochemistry at the University of Victoria have led to the development of light-based RAM, greatly enhancing computer memory

November 5     Creating a Stronger Network for BC Humanists         Ian Bushfield, ED, BCHA

The Executive Director for the BC Humanist Association in Vancouver is spearheading linkages to form a supportive network with other like-minded groups i in the province.

November 19     Bertrand Russell and the Development of Respect for Humanism    Robert Light, MFA, VP VSHA 

During the end of the 19th and the first half of the 20th Century, Bertrand Russell had a major impact in creating respect for principled non-religious thinking.

December 3     The History of Freethought in BC      speaker TBA

From the 1850s to just before World War I, freethought became increasingly popular in BC in part as a reaction to the power of the religious establishment 


December 21Winter Solstice Party and pot luck dinner, 4:30 – 8:00 pm  venue TBA